What are the cabins made from?

All our cabins are made from fallen tree's. Individually sourced by Neil himself, we use only the best Australian Hardwood. Each wall slab is 40mm thick, making for a solid, insulated wall. Without the need for a "frame or cavity".

Are the cabins insulated?

Yes, each cabin is insulated in the floor and ceiling along with natural insulated walls.

Where in Australia do you send your cabins?

We can move our cabins to any location in Australia, including the Islands.

We utilise a tilt tray for transport and have our own pilot vehicles, keeping transport cost to a minimum.

Can we be off-grid?

Cabins can be customised to be completely off-grid.

Solar Power - with batteries

Water Tank along with appropriate filtration

Septic or worm farm waste facility

How often do you need to oil the walls?

Exterior: you can either choose to let the timber grey and blend in with it's surroundings or a water based oil can be applied every 4 years

Interior: every 6 years

Do I need Council Approval?

This depends on a few different factors.

Size of the cabin, Council you are in, what its use will be and more... For a small fee we can have our experienced team give you an initial overview to find out what would be required by your council.

What does the cabin sit on?

Your cabin will be placed on stumps. We recommend the use of treated Ironbark stumps with an ant cap.

Heating or cooling?

We can install either split system units or fireplaces depending on your preference and location.